Nebraska Laws and Regulations


44-4301 Act; how cited
44-4302 Legislative findings.
44-4303 Terms, defined.
44-4304 Risk management pool; agreements authorized.
44-4305 Risk management pool; powers.
44-4306 Risk management pool; agreement; contents.
44-4307 Certificate of authority; issuance; fee.
44-4308 Rules and regulations.
44-4309 Risk management pool; termination of participation; effect.
44-4310 Risk management pool; report; examination.
44-4311 Risk management pool; dissolution.
44-4312 Risk management pool; deficiency; assessment required.
44-4313 Risk management pool; investment of funds.
44-4314 Rules and regulations.
44-4315 Risk management pool; applicability of insurance laws.
44-4316 Funds, how construed.
44-4317 Public agency; tax levy; agreements; authorized.
44-4318 Funds or reserve; disclosure; discovery.
44-4319 Workers’ compensation coverage; requirements; court; powers.
44-4320 Payment to director, computation.
44-4321 Bonds; issuance.
44-4322 Bonds; amount.
44-4323 Liability for bonds.
44-4324 Bonds; issuance; terms.
44-4325 Bonds; negotiable; sale.
44-4326 Signatures; validity.
44-4327 Bonds; risk management pool; powers.
44-4328 Refunding bonds; issuance; terms.
44-4329 Refunding bonds; use.
44-4330 Refunding bond proceeds; use.
44-4331 Refunding bonds; procedures applicable.
44-4332 Bonds; issuance; consent not required.
44-4333 Bonds; publication; when required.
44-4334 Notice of intention to issue bonds; contents.
44-4335 Bonds; issuance; right to contest.
44-4336 Bonds; authorized as investments.
44-4337 Bonds; risk management pool property; tax exempt.
44-4338 State of Nebraska; agreement with bondholders.
44-4339 Act, how construed.