NIRMA produces a variety of proprietary publications, resource guides and other helpful materials for our members*.  These range from periodicals to annual publications, and comprehensive, regularly updated handbooks and reference manuals focusing on specific subjects relating to risk management and loss control.

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Manuals Available for NIRMA Members to Download

  • Cyber Security Toolkit – The Cyber Security Toolkit empowers all member officials and employees, especially decision makers, to understand the fundamentals of protecting against cyber vulnerabilities and risks. It covers such topics as basic infrastructure, human defenses, budgeting, legal considerations, incident response, and cyber coverage. It includes helpful sample policies, plans, forms, infographics, and training resources.
  • Interchange – Debuting in March 2003, the Interchange magazine provides readers with a bimonthly exchange of useful and helpful information extending well beyond health, safety, risk management and loss prevention.
  • Annual Report – To capture the history of our program and reflect on the highlights, achievements and key events, NIRMA publishes an extensive Annual Report for our membership and insurance partners.
  • Guide To Creating a Personnel System for Nebraska Counties – NIRMA’s Guide to Creating a Personnel System for Nebraska Counties is a comprehensive manual that provides assistance to members when creating or updating their personnel policies and manuals.
  • Insurance and Risk Transfer Manual – Every contract has its own unique set of conditions. The Insurance and Risk Transfer Manual is a handy reference guide that members can use when establishing and drafting insurance, indemnification and hold harmless provisions for contracts they enter into with third parties.
  • Model Safety Manual – NIRMA issued its Model Safety Manual to provide members with general guidance and assistance for reducing and eliminating incidents involving working-related injuries and damage to property.
  • Safety Committee Handbook – Nebraska counties are required by law to have a working safety committee. To assist our members and their safety committees, NIRMA has published a model Safety Committee Handbook.
  • Guide to the MUTCD for Nebraska Counties – This handy reference guide condenses those sections of the federal government’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices that pertain to county road signing regulations and requirements. The easy-to-follow guide covers sign authorization requirements, the role of a department sign technician, sign placement and sign inspections, and offers a broad range of diagrams and illustrations related to proper road signing and special considerations.
  • Road Department Manual – NIRMA’s comprehensive Road Department Manual provides county highway departments with a wealth of helpful guidance and suggestions for all facets of their day-to-day operation and responsibilities.
  • Model Road Department Safety Manual – NIRMA’s Model Road Department Safety Manual provides county highway departments with a structured manual to help protect their employees.
  • Sheriff’s Office Policies & Procedures Manual – Our Sample Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures Manual was developed to assist county sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel in addressing the most common and costly loss exposures they face on a daily basis. The manual enables county law enforcement officials to establish a firm foundation for their risk management plan.
  • County Corrections Model Policies & Procedures Manual – The County Corrections Model Policies and Procedures Manual is a guide to assist member counties in developing customized policies and procedures that meet the specific needs of their respective jail and corrections facility. The manual covers employment practices, organization and authority, and operational procedures, as well as provides sample job descriptions for a variety of corrections positions.
  • Grade Crossing Safety Program – The Grade Crossing Safety Program is a document that quickly captures the elements of an effective program to reduce and eliminate motor vehicle/train accidents at grade crossings and mitigate the potential liability exposures counties face as part of their road department program.