Risk Management and Loss Prevention

NIRMA’s risk management and loss prevention efforts are definitely intertwined.

Our risk management services not only identify and measure the risk of loss for NIRMA and NIRMA II as pools but also for each individual member. The critical element here is to ensure the correct means are in place for adequately protecting both the pools and our individual members.

It is the role of NIRMA risk management to review a variety of methods for funding the risk for our two pools, then making recommendations for the best method available, including the transfer of risk and the retention of risk responsibility. Another responsibility is to conduct a regular review of all policies in place and make recommendations to management and the NIRMA Board of Directors for any revisions that might be beneficial.

While working with our members, NIRMA risk management is available to review any and all contracts and agreements to determine the adequacy of indemnification and hold harmless provisions, as well as for insurance and other requirements.

Working in concert with risk management, the second critical element of successful pooling is aggressive loss prevention efforts.

NIRMA loss prevention services work with each member individually to prevent losses before they occur. This is accomplished through on-site safety assessments and using comprehensive training programs covering a breadth of potential loss areas.

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