NIRMA prides itself in being far more than simply an answer to our members’ coverage needs. An important benefit of being a NIRMA member is having access to a variety of enhanced services tailored specifically for county government and related public agencies – services typically not available through the commercial insurance market.

Risk Management & Loss Prevention

We continually identify and measure the risk of loss not only for the NIRMA and NIRMA II pools, but also for each of our member counties/public agencies. Through regular policy review, examination of the appropriate retention and transfer of risk responsibility, and meticulous attention to the members we serve, adequate funding and the proper protection is ensured.

Our loss prevention and safety services help members proactively anticipate and identify potential liability risks as well as health and safety risks. Our full-time loss prevention staff regularly visit our members, conduct safety assessments, offer recommendations, and provide hands-on training that encompasses a breadth of potential loss areas.

In-House Claims Administration

Employing an in-house staff of full-time professional property, liability and workers’ compensation claims adjusters ensures our members receive a prompt response when notifying us of a claim. They work closely with each member county/public agency and the NIRMA Claims Committee to resolve claims in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner. NIRMA also vigorously fights those claims which are without merit or are frivolous, and retains legal representation should litigation arise.

Human Resources Help Line

Member officials and supervisory personnel have at their disposal unlimited access to our toll-free human resources and employment law help line through which they receive personal, confidential, free advice and counsel for any human resources or employment law question they may have.

Legal Link

For legal questions outside of Human Resources, member officials and supervisory personnel also have unlimited access to a separate help line called Legal Link. This service also has a dedicated email address. Experienced attorneys answer Legal Link inquiries about the many non-employment aspects of county operations that may have civil legal implications, such as public records requests, open meetings, law enforcement, road department activities, contracts, tort claims, zoning decisions, and more.

ASSIST Program

The ASSIST Program helps members fund various initiatives, programs, training and purchases that are intended to reduce losses and enhance and promote health and safety.

Continuing Education

Each year we offer a variety of educational programs for our member officials and employees. These are presented in the form of statewide conferences, regional seminars, and periodic telephonic conferences or webinars. The subjects we address cover a broad range of areas that are of timely and relevant interest.

Publications and Reference Materials

NIRMA produces a variety of publications, resource guides and other helpful materials for our members. These range from the bi-monthly Interchange magazine to annual publications, and comprehensive, regularly-updated handbooks and manuals focusing on specific subjects relating to risk management, safety, loss prevention, and human resources.

NIRMA Online University

Additional educational courses are available 24/7 through our Web site and our online education course curriculum. Selected courses are available at no charge in the areas of human resources, management, health and wellness, corrections and law enforcement, communications, and safety and environment. Other courses are available at a reduced rate.

Partners in Safety Program with the Nebraska Safety Council

Each NIRMA member receives at no cost a membership in the Nebraska Safety Council, entitling them to many additional health and safety benefits that further complement the extensive services NIRMA provides.