Video On Demand

Welcome to NIRMA On-Demand Video Training!

Over 150 different online video topics are now available on-demand at no cost to NIRMA members!

You may still utilize NIRMA’s vast video loan library if time permits, but if you would like to create an account that allows you to play safety videos at any time, simply click NIRMA On-Demand Video Training user id/password setup to request a user id and password. Please allow approximately 24 hours for receipt of that user id and password.

Once you have obtained your user id and password you will be able to pick your video training topic and download a multiple choice quiz so your employees can demonstrate and document their mastery of that topic after watching the video.

NIRMA would ask that you keep your use of the on-demand videos to a reasonable amount. The service is provided to members at no cost, but NIRMA is charged per view. If you would like to preview a video before showing it to employees, please go to the “Online Preview” tab to do so. This will allow NIRMA to provide more on-demand views to our members as NIRMA is not charged for online previews.

If you already have an assigned user id and password, please follow this NIRMA On-Demand Video Training link to view safety training videos.

If you have questions regarding your user id or password, or problems accessing your program, please email Lisa Molina at;, or call 1.800.358.4428, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 8 pm Central Time.