Workers’ Compensation Pool

NIRMA II Coverages

Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability coverage is provided through a separate pool known as NIRMA II. NIRMA II retains the first $550,000 of each claim as a self-insured retention. Above that amount, statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage and Employers Liability coverage with a limit up to $5 million is provided by County Reinsurance Limited (CRL) and its excess insurer.

A unique feature of NIRMA II is that we contract to use a Certified Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Plan which produces significant cost savings. Utilizing a statewide network of health care providers and professionals, members of our in-house claims adjusting staff are able to assist injured persons in receiving prompt, specialized treatment from a qualified provider who has agreed to participate in the plan under contracted fee arrangements. This ensures a faster return to work, reduces the potential for excessive claims, and promotes employee satisfaction.