On March 9, NIRMA presented a webinar entitled “Spring Cleaning: Ensure Your Employee Handbook is Tidy.”  At the webinar, experienced labor law attorneys Pam Bourne and Ashley Connell of the Woods Aitken law firm electronically distributed to participants a newly updated version of the NIRMA model Employee Handbook. The Handbook is maintained as Exhibit 2 in the NIRMA Guide to Creating a Personnel System for Nebraska Counties. The updates reflect the latest changes in law and will maximize the Handbook’s value to NIRMA members.

We understand that not everyone was able to attend the webinar where the updated Employee Handbook was originally distributed. NIRMA is pleased to provide all county board chairs, county attorneys, county clerks, and NIRMA contact persons with a direct link to access this important resource. Please click the link below to access and print the updated model Employee Handbook. Replace the document currently under Tab 2 in your NIRMA Guide to Creating a Personnel System for Nebraska Counties with this updated document. Your physical copy of the Guide will be outdated without it.

The link below will remain accessible for the next 30 days. After that, officials needing a copy can always access this document via the members-only Interact portal on our website (after logging in on the website, go to the Interact tab and select Manuals/Policies, then scroll down to Download Fillable Word Exhibits).

Exhibit 2

Additionally, if you would like to view Pam and Ashley’s PowerPoint from the webinar, you may click on the link below for the next 30 days to access the slides:

Spring Cleaning (Employee Handbook) – Slides