Cyber Musing

Need to share a large file or multiple documents at once with someone outside our organization? NIRMA has a SharePoint site that is perfect for this. Click HERE to log in and explore, using your existing PC credentials.

Testing another post

This time, we are testing if we are going to be able to tie a button to this post. I am pretty sure it will work, but you just never know. Esum salts are salty….

Testing posting options

I am testing the different posting options to be able to send multicolor emails that look all fancy. Hope it works!! If we made it this far, then the idea is actually probably working because otherwise, I would be dinking in the mail post instead.

June 2022 Roll Call Training

High Risk Critical Task / Property and Evidence Law enforcement agencies should provide for the reasonable safekeeping of all property that comes into the possession of the agency. With respect to evidentiary items, the agency should maintain a proper chain of custody...