**UPDATED:  new date for webinar below**

Don’t forget to Join us for Michael Melnik’s second quarterly webinar of 2023, now scheduled for June 13 at 10:00 a.m. Central time. This is a date change from the original schedule. It will be a great chance to ask questions and share information. Tell us what’s working, any difficulties you are having, and what else would help to improve your county’s safety culture.  Go to NIRMA’s website and find the link to join under the Events tab.

We hope you are receiving and enjoying Michael’s biweekly emails on Energizing Your Safety Culture. If you’ve clicked on his videos, you know they are short, to-the-point, and packed with good advice.

Catch Up: You Can Still View the Kickoff Webinar Recording

To learn more background about the Energized Approach process, you can still view the recording of NIRMA’s kickoff webinar from January 11. Click here to check it out.

To recap, the Player Page is the website platform of the Energized Approach. It is customized for NIRMA members. Visit the Player Page to find a library of Michael Melnik’s short videos on safety-related topics that can be easily utilized in County Safety Committee meetings. You’ll also find information there about the Energized Approach process, which is especially useful for county leaders who want to formulate ways to accomplish specific safety-related goals, programs, or initiatives with a higher level of employee engagement and participation than ever before. Use these resources to develop an improved safety culture in your county or agency!

Watch Your Inbox for Biweekly Emails & Get Added if you Aren’t on the List

The first email introduction with a link to access these new Energized Approach resources was sent to NIRMA members via email on January 17. New emails are pushed out from “Energizing Your Safety Culture” every two weeks.

The distribution list for these biweekly emails includes all County board members, NIRMA Contact Persons, County Highway Superintendents, and County Safety Committee Chairpersons. But any member official or employee can join the list at any time. To be added, just send an email with “sign me up” in the subject line to Michael at michael@energizedapproach.com. The emails may also be forwarded to others within your county or agency. NIRMA’s Loss Prevention Manager and Safety Specialist Chad Engle is also available to answer questions at chad@nirma.info or by phone at 402.742.9220.

How to Access the Player Page Resources

The Player Page for the Energized Approach is accessible only through the link in your bi-weekly emails, so that usage statistics can be collected. See above if you haven’t received any biweekly emails yet.  But if you lost or deleted one of them and just need a link to be re-sent to you, click here. In the top menu bar of this separate webpage, click on the “Resend Email/Link” tab and follow the steps outlined in the email you will receive to have the Player Page link quickly resent to you so that it is at the top of your inbox.

If you think your county’s network security settings may be blocking Michael’s emails from reaching your inbox, download the whitelisting instructions below. This is an instruction sheet to provide to your IT personnel that can be used to fix this problem.


Reach out to Michael at any time via the email address above with any questions about how to use these resources, and to give feedback about the content on the Player Page. We want to hear how you are using the resources to fit NIRMA member needs.

Quarterly Follow-Up Webinars 

Michael is hosting quarterly webinars to continue connecting with members about the Energized Approach resources. After the upcoming June 13 webinar, there are still two more webinars during 2023 to ask questions or share ideas:

Tues., Sept. 26 at 10:00 am CST

Tues., Dec. 19 at 10:00 am CST

Please mark your calendars. The Zoom link to join each webinar will be posted on NIRMA’s website under the Events tab.

Energize Your Safety Culture and the Energized Approach are brought to NIRMA members as a free value-added resource in 2023 through grant funding from our reinsurance partner, County Reinsurance, Limited (CRL).