By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist

I love February, we’re getting closer to spring and it’s the month I get to distribute the $500.00 checks to the Money for Minutes winners. Usually when I’m meeting with a Safety Committee, I’m asking them to do something but when I present the checks, I get to reward them for their loss prevention efforts.

Please help me congratulate this year’s Money for Minutes winners:

Dodge County Roads
Keith County
Nuckolls County
Rock County
Sherman County Roads

This year is the first time a Road Department committee has won the award and I’m very pleased to say we had two! I’d like members to understand that if your county or agency has more than one committee, all of them are eligible to win if they meet the requirements. It hasn’t happened yet, but there could be a member that wins multiple awards in one year.

It’s very important to note that if you don’t conduct a meeting, review incidents and injuries and submit the minutes for the first quarter of 2022, you have just shot yourself in the foot and will not be eligible to win an award this year. So please remember to get your first quarter meeting completed by the end of March. Be sure to review any incidents and injuries that occurred during the previous quarter and submit the minutes to NIRMA.

You can locate your quarterly incident report via the Interact portal. The process is simple. Your county contact person needs to speak with Tod Thieman and ask him to set up a login for the safety committee chairperson. Once they have their login setup that can download the quarterly incident report before each safety committee meeting.

2022 was the first year that NIRMA funded five Money for Minutes awards. The purpose is to inspire and motivate more of our members to hold quarterly safety committee meetings and to provide a reward to five of them that do. Once again, I’ll be meeting with safety committees this summer to explain the loss prevention resources that NIRMA has to offer our members, providing training and direction to new safety committee chairpersons and just getting to know folks. If you would like me to attend one of your safety committee’s meetings, please contact me so that we can get it on the calendar. I can always be reached at 1.800.642.6671 and Take care.