By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Manager

It’s February in Nebraska and that means snow, below zero windchills and Money for Minutes awards! For those new county officials who may not be familiar with NIRMA’s Money for Minutes program, let me explain. To be eligible for Money for Minutes NIRMA member safety committees must hold at least four quarterly committee meetings. During the quarterly committee meetings, they must discuss each claim or incident that occurred during the previous quarter and develop recommendations to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring. The members must then submit copies of their meeting minutes to NIRMA for review.

All NIRMA member safety committees that meet the requirements outlined above will then be eligible to win one of five $500.00 awards. NIRMA recognizes how budgets are stretched and intends for these awards to be utilized by the winning member’s safety committee to further their loss prevention and safety efforts.

Congratulations to calendar year 2022’s Money for Minutes award winners!

Cedar County
Dixon County
Hall County
Keith County
Rock County

Thank you for your efforts to protect your counties from liability and your employees from injury, your work does not go unnoticed!

These five NIRMA member counties were randomly selected from the 35 counties that met the Money for Minutes eligibility requirements. Please remember to get your 2023 first quarter safety committee meeting on the calendar. I have found that putting all four safety committee meeting dates on the calendar early in the year significantly increases the chances that all four meetings are held. Also, there is nothing that states every safety committee member must be present, just that incidents are reviewed, prevention recommendations are made, and the minutes are submitted to NIRMA.

If you feel that your committee would benefit from a NIRMA Loss Prevention visit please give me a call and let’s get the date on the calendar. I would be happy to come out and sit in on one of your meetings. I can always be reached at or 1.800.642.6671.

Again, thank you to all the counties that took the time to hold four meetings in 2022 and congratulations the those that were chosen to receive one of the five $500.00 awards.