By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention Manager and Safety Specialist

I can’t believe that December is already here, we’ll be celebrating New Years before you know it. With that in mind, I wanted to remind safety committee chairpersons and members that your 2022 safety committee minutes need to be submitted to NIRMA by 5:00 p.m. Central, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, if your committee would like to be eligible for the 2022 Money for Minutes drawing.

The Money for Minutes eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Conduct at least four quarterly safety committee meetings.
  • Discuss all incidents, events, injuries, and accidents and make recommendations about how to prevent reoccurrence of similar events.
  • Submit minutes from each meeting, containing recommendations, to NIRMA for review.

If your safety committee meets the requirements as outlined above, your committee’s name will be entered into a drawing for one of five $500.00 awards. The award winners will be announced in February of 2023. Good luck to those committees that made the commitment to hold their quarterly meetings and work hard towards preventing workplace incidents and injuries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. As always, I can be reached at 1.800.642.6671 and I look forward to seeing you, via webinar, on January 11, 2023. Take care.