By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist

I am very excited to announce that NIRMA has added an additional online driver training option for our members. Through our relationship with County Reinsurance Limited (CRL) and Safety National our members can now access three new driver training courses. These online training courses are provided to our members at no cost.

2021 Safety National Attention and Distraction” is a .5 hour course that trains drivers on effective techniques to identify and eliminate driving distractions inside and outside of the vehicle, including the risks associated with cell phone use while operating a vehicle. Drivers practice strategies for eliminating controllable distractions and making necessary adjustments for distractions they cannot control.

2021 Safety National Defensive Driving Course” focuses on the five most common mistakes that lead to accidents. Reinforce critical driving skills to reduce the likelihood of one of your employees getting injured or killed while operating a vehicle for work or personal purposes.

2021 Safety National EVOC Intersection Analysis: Police.” Statistics show that 50% of law enforcement crashes occur in intersections and motor pool costs are the 2nd largest expense for departments. Significantly decrease motor pool expenses, collisions, and injuries with On Q’s EVOC Police online training. This course focuses on intersection navigation under code-3 with 5, 30-minute lessons covering approaching, assessing, navigating, and exiting an intersection. This course does not include the Attention and Distraction lesson. This session will assist Law Enforcement in complying with 20 hour annual training requirement of LB 51.

This training can be found under the Resources menu located along the top of any page on the NIRMA website. Feel free to reach out to me at or 1.800.642.6671 if you have questions. For questions regarding user set up you will need to contact On Q Safety directly via 1.800.355.0576.