NIRMA is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with NACO, MIPS, Applied Connective Technologies, and Bytes Managed IT in a new County Network Security Cooperative aimed at encouraging cyber security best practices specifically for counties.

The Cooperative, facilitated by NACO, has worked together over the past several months, with added input from other federal and state agencies, to develop a guide outlining a slate of “Basic” “Better” and “Best” managed IT and cyber services for counties. The two vendor members of the Cooperative are capable of providing these services to Counties, and any new vendor members of the Cooperative would similarly be required to have such capabilities.

This guide has been added to the online version of NIRMA’s Cyber Security Toolkit as Appendix F. The Toolkit was first introduced and disseminated at NIRMA’s regional cyber security seminars in April of this year.

The complete Toolkit, as updated, is always available to members on NIRMA’s website,  First log in on the website, then click on Cyber Resources under the Interact menu. A link to download the 2022 Cyber Security Toolkit appears on that page.

A standalone copy of the Cooperative’s guide for “Basic” “Better” and “Best” managed IT and cyber services is also available here. It may be revised from time to time to reflect changes in the cyber environment.

As the Cooperative continues to meet and work, NIRMA will keep members apprised of its progress. Members are welcome to contact the NIRMA office with any questions about the guide or the Cooperative.