By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Manager

NIRMA launched The Energized Approach two months ago as a new resource for all members. If you are not yet familiar with The Energized Approach, it is an online learning platform that provides members with two resources. These resources can be used together or separately, they are:

1) A library of on-demand injury prevention videos. This includes 90 second conversation starters, like toolbox talks, up to full-length training videos.
2) Resource videos for county and agency leaders that are intended to help you develop and engage staff in a safety-minded workplace culture.

Those of you in leadership positions or that have signed up should be receiving bi-weekly emails. These emails are meant to be a quick reminder, a tap on the shoulder so to speak, on how to improve your county or agency’s safety culture. Each email includes a short video on a topic chosen by Michael Melnik, the creator of The Energized Approach, and recommendations for other related videos.

Along with the bi-weekly emails, you are invited to attend quarterly webinars where you can ask questions, learn how other counties are using the platform and share your successes. The first quarterly webinar is scheduled for March 28th, 2023 at 10:00 am, CST. Please save that date on your calendar and keep an eye out for a Zoom meeting invite from Michael. It should arrive the week prior to the meeting. I would ask you to share the invite with any other safety leaders or management folks in your county or agency, the more the merrier. There is no cost for NIRMA members to take advantage of the program so please share it with anyone you think would benefit from The Energized Approach.

I am in the process of presenting the Money for Minutes checks to last year’s award recipients. Unfortunately, my trip was postponed due to winter weather. No complaints, as we are finally getting some much-needed moisture.

Again, congratulations to Cedar County, Dixon County, Hall County, Keith County and Rock County, 2022’s Money for Minutes winners, for their commitment to their loss prevention and safety programs.

Like our members, we are working on the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. I am planning to request funding for next year to continue the Money for Minutes program and possibly expand it, again. I have no reason to believe that it will not be approved for the upcoming year, but it has not been approved yet. Keep your eye out for more information when it is available.

There is one month left to hold your first quarter safety committee meeting. Remember, if you miss the first quarter meeting it is impossible to qualify for 2023’s Money for Minutes. Give your county or agency a chance and make sure to hold your first quarter safety committee meeting before the end of March, discuss the previous quarter’s incidents/events/injuries, comment on how to prevent reoccurrence and submit the minutes to NIRMA for review. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

I look forward to working with your safety committees throughout 2023. Do not hesitate to reach out if I can be of any assistance. I can be reached at 1.800.642.6671 or