NIRMA continues to track and follow recommendations implemented by the CDC and public health officials due to the unfolding outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and the impact it is having in Nebraska, especially to our member agencies.

Ensuring the health of everyone is a priority, so moving forward the NIRMA Loss Prevention Team will continue to provide risk management and loss prevention services to our members based on the current standards being implemented by CDC.  Our comprehensive on-site training programs will be left at the discretion of each member agency as long as the health of the Loss Prevention Team is not compromised.  Members scheduling or attending trainings during this transition need to consider their own staff concerns and wellbeing especially those in higher risk categories.

Currently the State of Nebraska, following CDC recommendations is limiting public gatherings to (10) people. Though work environments are not included as a public gathering, the Loss Prevention Team can adapt trainings to include additional sessions to accommodate only (10) per session.

Much is still unknown about the severity of this illness or the impact it may have, so each member needs to evaluate, identify and communicate their objectives to staff on how they will continue to reduce the opportunity for virus transmission, protect those at a higher risk and maintain business operations, keeping in mind NIRMA Loss Prevention trainings can be rescheduled to ensure the health of everyone is met.

NIRMA will be posting updates on our website www.nirma.info under the blog section to keep members informed of any changes in loss prevention services.

*** on-line training now available ***

NIRMA now has the ability to host on-line webinars and select trainings on a remote basis.  Contact our Loss Prevention Specialists; Chad Engle, Tim Baxter or Terry Baxter for information about our on-line and on-site trainings available.