Property/Liability Pool

NIRMA Coverages

NIRMA offers a broad range of property and liability coverages tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of our member counties, plus comprehensive risk management and loss control services that complement the specific coverages provided.

Coverages include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • property
  • general liability
  • auto liability and physical damage
  • law enforcement liability
  • public official and employment practices liability
  • employee benefits liability
  • employee dishonesty and crime
  • privacy/security event liability (cyber security)

As a protected self-insurance program, NIRMA self-insures the first $250,000 for any property claim and the first $300,000 of any liability claim with the exception of Privacy and Security Events Liability and Expense coverage which has a retention of $250,000.  These are referred to as self-insured retentions, or SIRs.  Above these amounts, NIRMA purchases insurance coverages to protect against catastrophic losses.  NIRMA also provides Crime Coverage, which includes Employee Dishonesty coverage, with $300,000 limit of liability.

The primary source of liability and property coverage beyond the amount NIRMA retains is County Reinsurance, Limited (CRL), a member-owned captive insurance company domiciled in Vermont.  CRL was created in 1997 exclusively for risk management pools across the country that serve county governments.  It operates along many of the same general principles as NIRMA.

In addition to what has been described here, NIRMA is able to assist member counties in obtaining optional ancillary coverages written for other, more specialized needs.