By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist

Recently, most of Nebraska received significant snowfall. When I checked the Dept. of Roads website at 7:00 a.m. the Interstate was closed in the panhandle and the entire state road map was pink, not good. Not good for drivers, not good for pedestrians. Each snowfall results in a significant increase in claims for our members. Many of these claims are preventable.

Slip and fall claims due to ice and snow can be reduced through good and timely snow removal. Try to clear parking areas, sidewalks, and entrances prior to the arrival of staff and customers. Document when snow removal started, finished and how much ice melt was used, and where.

This recent snow fall continued nearly all day, great example of why we need to keep checking, removing snow and documenting throughout the storm. Once the snowfall subsides, we need to continue to inspect and document additional removal of blowing snow, melting snow piles and the additional use of ice melt.

Entrances and other high traffic areas need to be continually inspected, exterior and interior. Interior rugs and walkways need to be maintained and kept in a safe and absorbent condition. Wet snowy shoes and marble floors are a recipe for slip and fall incidents.

If after our best efforts a fall occurs, please document the facts surrounding the incident as quickly as possible. Snow melts quickly and the scene can change drastically in a short amount of time. Remember to take lots of pictures and check your security camera footage. Most systems store the recording for a limited amount of time and these videos are very valuable to our claims team when defending members from liability claims.

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