By Chad Engle, Loss Prevention and Safety Manager

Looking at the calendar I see it is time for the annual Money for Minutes deadline friendly reminder.  Safety committee chairpersons and secretaries have until 5:00 p.m. Central, January 31st, 2024, to submit last calendar year’s safety committee minutes if you wish to be considered for the 2023 Money for Minutes drawing.  Another reminder, this year NIRMA increased the number of $500 awards from five (5) to ten (10)!  Those member counties and agencies that meet the Money for Minutes eligibility requirements will have double the chance they did last year to receive an award.

The Money for Minutes eligibility requirements remain the same:

  • Conduct at least four quarterly safety committee meetings and keep minutes.
  • Discuss all incidents, events, injuries, and accidents that occurred during the last quarter and make recommendations about how to prevent reoccurrence of similar events.
  • Submit the safety committee minutes, to include the recommendations, to NIRMA for review. Email them to

If your county or agency meets the requirements outlined above, your committee will be entered into a drawing for one of the ten $500 awards.  These awards are intended to be used for loss prevention and safety related purposes.  The winners will be announced in February of 2024.

Good luck to those counties and agencies that committed to holding quarterly safety committee meetings and work hard to protect their employees and prevent workplace incidents and injuries.